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In today’s dynamic world where staff have more clout and reach than organizational channels of communication, not involving and partnering with our biggest assets - is a missed opportunity.

Employees are our brand advocates and spokespersons and every interaction they do with stakeholders matters. The role of corporate and employee communication is not to inform or share, but to listen, empower, and tap the power of the strongest brand advocates – employees. 

The pandemic has brought sweeping changes to the world of workplaces and workforces. We hear of the ‘great resignation’, ‘quiet quitting’, remote/hybrid work, B2B, demographics changes, a growing employee-led market and increasing expectations from brands on societal concerns etc. All this has implications on how we rewire our communication and branding approaches to reap rich dividends for the future.  

To be better prepared for these challenges, we invite you to join the webinar in which our speaker, Aniisu K. Verghese Ph.D. will share his wide international expertise to help you to influence your brand and reputation positively. 

In this session: 

  • You will gain research-led insights and best practices to invest in your own development. 
  • You will understand how to involve and accept employees as equal partners in communications.
  • You will appreciate ‘why’ communicators and leaders must revisit the employee-employer contract and help employees to be active ambassadors of change.  
  • You will see creative approaches to co-create solutions, elevate the brand reputation from within and lead with care. 
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